Tuesday, 5 October 2010


We know little about our future.
One the thing I can be certain of, 
is that tomorrow will be a productive day!

Ohhhh yes!

1). I'm making a duct tape wallet ( will post pics up ).
2). Going to tidy my room ( before and after pics).
3). fix the exhaust on my car ( its hanging off).
4)...... up to you to decide ;)
 comment below on what you want me to do.


  1. 1) Give me the contents of your wallet
    2) Tidy MY office
    3) Fix MY car

    3 easy and time consuming things for you to do :D

  2. Fix the exhaust. Often auto DIYs are good for beginners.

  3. Ohhhh dude, homemade wallets are deadly as fuck. I made one out of paper. Cost effective, AND when they wear out, you can just make a new one. Plus you can draw on them and make them have like... tons of trippy colors :P

  4. 4) Make a cake, and share it with someone.

  5. Find a homeless person and feed them soup and a sandwich.