Thursday, 29 December 2011

For the third time...

I have to apologize for neglecting you! I will return!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

10 facts not everyone knows.

10 Little known facts.

1). Fart gasses escape from the rectum at 10mph.
2). Muslims are forbidden to eat rocks.
3). It's impossible to touch your knee with your elbow.
4). If you thin out PVC glue with enough water, it tastes like milk.
5). Men are genetically closer to hedgehogs then women are.
6). It's illegal to eat vanilla fudge in 2 states.
7). George W. bush has the highest IQ of any president, dead or alive.
8). Prior to 1955, a well groomed mustache was required before an Englishman could represent his country in any sporting event.
9). Adding baking soda and vinegar with make your scrambled eggs fluffier.
10). Only one of these facts are true.

Well there you have it. 

Feel free to leave feedback, and your own little known facts :).

It's been a while guys, i'm sorry i forgot about you, its just that since i was banned from adsense ( AND LOST £130) i really couldn't be bothered with this blog!


Monday, 1 November 2010


Ever heard of it?


well you need to now!

Basically its a website where you can earn money by writing articles, known as lenses.
You earn money pretty much the same way as anything else, through ad clicks and views.
Its pretty cool, you can check out my first lens here    and if you feel like signing up then do so at this link :) 

... that is all :)

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Now i never thought id be the kind to play minecraft!
But dear god i'm hooked!
I don't know how or why i've become to be totally and irretrievably obsessed with this game!
all i do know is....

its A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

The freedom it gives you! everything you can do! Cave exploring, house building, you can run around killing monster or you could just bust out the trusty TNT and demolish an entire mountain, ( all though my computer struggles to handle the amount of TNT you would need ).

My favorite at the moment would be, trapping cows or sheep, building a massive house of TNT for them, then sit back as the LOLZ ensue.

I'm not being payed to endorse this game, i'm just a fan ;).

So, go out, watch some videos of it, buy it :).

 After 205 boxes of TNT.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Aaaaaah the weekend :) time to relax!
wait no i never get to relax :/
With all the stuff thats going on lately the thing i'm praying for most is...

some time with my beautiful girlfriend!

I only ever get to see her for like 2 hours a night, 
I finish late and she has to be in early for college the next day :(.
I'm really missing her!


God i love her.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

What a week :(.

well to start it off, my insomnia kicks off again, so i though "eh no big deal".
It starts getting really bad so i start taking some sleeping tablets once more.
Friday night though, dear god my world fell apart.
It turns out that my parents have decided to split up!
Great do this as soon as i'm starting to get over my depression, gee thanks guys :)

Now the bad part is, i work in a supermarket, so i don't get the biggest wage packet,
as my mother has decided to move out she will be finding some where else to live.
She now expects me to carry on paying her rent, when she doesn't live here, my dad also expects me
to pay HIM rent as well!

i barely get by on what i DO earn! how do they expect me to be able to LIVE off this now?!

I need a holiday...