Tuesday, 12 April 2011

10 facts not everyone knows.

10 Little known facts.

1). Fart gasses escape from the rectum at 10mph.
2). Muslims are forbidden to eat rocks.
3). It's impossible to touch your knee with your elbow.
4). If you thin out PVC glue with enough water, it tastes like milk.
5). Men are genetically closer to hedgehogs then women are.
6). It's illegal to eat vanilla fudge in 2 states.
7). George W. bush has the highest IQ of any president, dead or alive.
8). Prior to 1955, a well groomed mustache was required before an Englishman could represent his country in any sporting event.
9). Adding baking soda and vinegar with make your scrambled eggs fluffier.
10). Only one of these facts are true.

Well there you have it. 

Feel free to leave feedback, and your own little known facts :).

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