Tuesday, 19 October 2010

What a week :(.

well to start it off, my insomnia kicks off again, so i though "eh no big deal".
It starts getting really bad so i start taking some sleeping tablets once more.
Friday night though, dear god my world fell apart.
It turns out that my parents have decided to split up!
Great do this as soon as i'm starting to get over my depression, gee thanks guys :)

Now the bad part is, i work in a supermarket, so i don't get the biggest wage packet,
as my mother has decided to move out she will be finding some where else to live.
She now expects me to carry on paying her rent, when she doesn't live here, my dad also expects me
to pay HIM rent as well!

i barely get by on what i DO earn! how do they expect me to be able to LIVE off this now?!

I need a holiday...


  1. I feel you! Keep on keepin' on! There are plenty of people who owe me money and I haven't gotten it yet. So, I know how times can be tough.

  2. uff insomnia man... we are 2. at least u have a job mate, ive been looking since july but cannot find any :(

  3. I've got insomnia too :x

    Aww, pills aren't the way to solve the problem >:

    Also followed <3

  4. Get a bud, move to an apartment together. Split the bills with your new roommate and neglect your parents. Let them sort their crap out, you shouldn't have to deal with it.
    Just a suggestion. :P

  5. Yea, u should get a roommate :D