Sunday, 17 October 2010

w-w-w-wow, just watched shutter island for the first time, didn't see that coming! I wont spoil it for any one, the main thing about this post is.... well its about Leonardo Dicaprio, is it me or are his lastest films all turning out to be epic mind boggling creations, during inception and shutter island i was confused, thought i figured it out, then had the rug pulled out from under me and was arse over tit. Now don't get me wrong, i L-O-V-E these types of films, and think he plays the rolls perfectly! Defiantly hoping he is going to carry on with them. 

what do you think about him?
favorite one of his films?


  1. I loved Shutter Island, atm the best of his movies for me. Didn't watched Inception yet thou

  2. Beach
    Goodwill hunting
    shutter island

  3. kailus, inception is a MUST watch you need to think while watching it though.

  4. I havent watched Shutter Island, but Inception was so freaking good. :)

  5. Shutter was great, but id put my money on Inception getting picture of the year (i work at a threater and that movie was frickin popular!)

  6. yeah r_dogg everytime i went to see it, it was sold out!

  7. Leo is the best actor ever.
    Man in the iron mask is my favorite film of his.

  8. Yeah, this movie was awesomesauce. I saw it on Threw me for a loop because I started just a few minutes after the opening scenes, but... I loved this. The scene where they go into the mental hospital for the first time and see all those nutjobs - esp the woman staring at them - was so irking.