Sunday, 10 October 2010


First lemme start by apologizing for the lack of posts these past few days,
I've been working non stop, working nights and my usual shifts during the day,
we've been a couple of people down recently, 
and to be honest i needed the money.

Now the reason for the urgent need of money.

It's that time of the year when, insurance, tax and my MOT are due,
this means i have around, £0.00 to live off for the next few months.
I've been searching around for the cheapest car insurance companys,
using sites like go compare, e.t.c.
the cheapest quote i received was £2349...

*sigh* guess ill have to cost up again.

I hate this time of year.


  1. Cars are too hard. :(

  2. Aw. Well, shit happens. Hope stuff goes well.

  3. yea, bills suck donkey dicks.

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